What other Issues Can a Survey Help Disclose?

Where are my property lines?

You should protect your investment by ensuring you are building on your own property. A mis-located fence, driveway or structure can cause legal problems and extra construction costs.

How much property do I own?

Do you know the actual acreage of your property. Beware of legal descriptions which describe the property acreage as “more-or-less”, or have exclusionary language such as “sold by the gross, and not by the acre”.

Are there encroachments or easements I need to be aware of?

Are you aware of potential access issues (ingress or egress), encroachments onto your property – or onto the property of others, or shared improvements or rights. What easements exist that may affect your property?

I plan to build on my property, what should I do?

Before you build, contract a licensed land surveyor to determine your property boundaries. Gardy and Associates, PC can work with you, the contractor and the municipality to ensure that your improvements are constructed in the correct location, eliminating future conflicts.

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