Do I really NEED a Survey?

In recent years, Gardy and Associates, PC, has assisted property owners in resolving numerous situations of which the parties involved in the real estate transaction were not even aware.  The following list provides some of the types of problems that have been discovered:

  • Acreage discrepancies (excess and shortage)
  • Boundary geometric differences (does not look like the County GIS)
  • Improvements encroaching into other properties or zoning restrictions
  • Improvements encroaching into recorded easements
  • “Shared” areas or improvements, which constitute encroachments
  • Land locked parcels, with no legal access to public rights-of-way
  • Access easements crossing the property of others (access rights are at risk)
  • Driveway encroachments onto adjoining properties
  • Physical access does not match legal access
  • Don’t know where the property boundary actually is
    Manage Your Risks: Gardy and Associates, PC recommends that property purchasers insist that a survey be prepared for the property settlement.  The relative cost of a survey vs. the amount being invested makes the ordering of a new survey a wise decision for your future security.
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