A Survey Protects Your Interests: But How?

As property owners, you need a professional who is specially qualified to help protect your interest.  Who can you depend on?

A Professional Land Surveyor has met rigorous education and training requirements, necessary to protect the interests of consumers.   Simply stated, the Professional Surveyor provides for purchaser’s peaceful use of the land.  Only a licensed Professional Land Surveyor is allowed by Virginia law to provide those services related to the location of property boundaries.

The survey helps protect your interest by giving you the peace of mind of knowing the location and potential use of your property.  The responsibility of noting the location of the boundary rests solely with the surveyor, who is legally certified by the State of Virginia.

Gardy and Associates, PC,  is Licensed to Provide a Wide Variety of Land Related Services Including:

  • Boundary Line Surveys and Consultation
  • County Agency and Process Coordination
  • Land Use Planning/Design
  • Subdivision, Consolidation, or Adjustment of Boundaries
  • Preparation of Various forms of Mapping
  • Construction Phase Surveys – Construction Layout
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
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