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Gardy and Associates also understands that successful projects require close coordination and communication between the owner, surveyor, and other design or construction professionals assigned to the project. We understand the need to work together to be successful and will work within the context of the design team throughout the design process. The importance of the base surveying data cannot be overemphasized in the design process. Gardy and Associates is committed to providing the most complete and accurate base data, in the exact format required for the design team.

The following surveys are typically provided during the design phase:

● Boundary and Land Title Surveys
● Topographic and Design Surveys
● Photogrammetric Surveys
● Route Surveys and Right-of-Way Mapping
● Utility Location Surveys and Mapping
● Subdivision Calculations and Record Plats/Maps
● Environmental Surveys for Wetlands and Jurisdictional Waterways

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