Archaic or Deficient Property Descriptions: Having Trouble Understanding Where Your Property Lines Are?

Having difficulty understanding where the property lines are, based on a description like this?
“Bounded as follows, to wit: On the north by the road leading from Cranston’s Mill to Diascund; on the east by the lands of Thomas Smith and R. L. Jones, and separated therefrom by a line beginning at the front gate of Josephine Williams and running due north to a road also separating said tract, thence along said road which also runs due north to the northern boundary of said tract; on the south by the land of Josephine Harris and on the west by the lands of . . . .”

Updating Property Descriptions to Reflect Current Conditions:
Gardy and Associates, PC can help create a new legal description for the property, for recording with the new ownership deed. Also, we recommend recording a copy of the newly prepared survey plat with the new ownership deed at the Circuit Court for future reference.

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