Construction Stakeout

Our presence on-site during the construction process also helps to ensure that the intent of the design is realized during the construction phase. Gardy and Associates’ professionals have experience providing construction surveying services serving both the Owner/Developer, and also working directly for General Contractors and other construction industry clients. The variety of experience in construction-related survey services provided by the Gardy and Associates’ professionals includes:

Establishment of Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks
Stakeout for Limits of Disturbance and Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Stakeout for Sedimentation and Erosion Control Measures
Stakeout for Mass Grading and Volumetric Analysis
Building Construction Surveys
Street Layout and Grading
Stakeout for Utility Construction
Stakeout for Curb and Gutter
Property Line Monumentation
Precise Leveling
Subsidence and Deformation Monitoring
Stakeout Building Control for Commercial Construction
Building Stakeout for Construction (Private Residential)
Post Construction “As-Built Surveys”

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